Empowering Educators to Improve Student Achievement

Ohio Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Process

Presenter: Lori Lofton, Senior Executive Director, Ohio Department of Education, Center for the Teaching Profession

Session Summary:

Lofton began by explaining what is meant by a Student Learning Objective (SLO), which is a measurable, long-term academic growth target that a teacher sets at the beginning of the year for all students or for subgroups of students. Local education agencies may choose to use SLOs in evaluating teachers when there is no value-added or ODE-approved vendor data available. Lofton also explained how to establish effective SLOs, as well as the resources and support materials that are ready now, and those that will be posted online soon. Other important points:

  • Developing SLOs has been a challenging, first-time project involving consultation with USDOE, educators within districts and higher education experts.
  • Ohio will learn a great deal more about setting SLOs next year. Majority of districts will have 2012-2013 to pilot a teacher evaluation system. Further, RTTT districts will get value added data next year. District will determine how much the VA data will be used as part of the student growth measures – must be between 10 and 50 percent.
  • SLOs can be truly effective and equitable across all teachers if proper training is applied. Recommend having all teachers establish at least one SLO next year during pilot. Everyone will feel much more comfortable with process if this is done.
  • Engage teams of teachers write SLOs collaboratively.
  • An SLO should be used in conjunction with an assessment before and after. Figure out what baseline data you already have that you could use.
  • Existing resources on the ODE website include: an overview of information, steps for Designing Local Growth Measures Plan; list of assessments that can be used for measuring progress.
  • Working on a number of additional documents to be posted:
    • Criteria for setting and approving SLOs;
    • Criteria for selecting assessments to be used with SLOs;
    • Information on principal student growth measures;
    • Standard by which SLOs are to be written are on a handout (SLO Template Guidance) to be posted within the next few weeks. This document received extensive feedback obtained from field and advisory committee.
For more information: Download Presentation (PDF)

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